Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

nak tahu kisah di sebalik rusuhan China Uyghur?

cerita ni insyaAllah dijamin kebenarannya

sebabnya, cerita ni penulisnya dapat 1st hand dari org China Uyghur / Xinjiang
macamana penulis tu dapat, x boleh diberitahu :)

Antara kandungan artikel:
1. sebab sebenar berlakunya rusuhan - mmg xde dlm media perdana
2. sejarah masyarakat Uyghur - they're not Chinese!
3. keadaan kehidupan masyarakat Uyghur yg tertindas
dan lain2..

sejenak bersama tokoh

p/s: yg ni gambar gulai daging batang pisang.. hehe, special kat belah utagha. kalau dtg carikla

Friday, July 10, 2009

Germany's government - RACIST?

This article tells a story, about a woman. A muslim woman. Egyptian by race, Islam by religion. She's been killed in a courtroom (COURT = MAHKAMAH!). How can somebody be killed in a court? I'm not that sure about justice in Germany.

The reason why she's been killed is more terrifying. She's been killed by her neighbour, who insulted her for her headscarf - that's why they're in the courtroom, the woman was to give her evidence on a recent discriminatory attitude took by the criminal towards her hijab.

She's been stabbed 18 times. In front of her husband. With a 3-months-old fetus in her tummy.

Isn't this an attack because of Islam?
What are the world's responses?
Quite? Biased.
Germany's government is biased. Might as well be, a, not-well-educated kind of government.
Low morality government = Germany's government.


link: click here

Killing Veiled Muslims in Europe, a Forthcoming Trend?

A veiled Muslim mother was savagely murdered in Dresden courtroom, Germany. The murderer is the same attacker who was in court appealing the €780 fine for his insult to the victim's Islamic headscarf.

Marwa Al-Sherbini, a 32-year-old Egyptian based in Germany, was stabbed several deadly times under the court ceiling and with the presence of the German police. She has been living in Germany for years with her husband, the Egyptian academic Elwi Ali-Okaz, who is studying for his post graduate studies in Germany.

The three-month pregnant mother was not the only victim but Okaz, her husband, was also hurt in his attempts to protect her from the criminal's knife and he is currently in a critical condition at Dresden College hospital.

The stabbing happened on July 1, just before Al-Sherbini was to give her evidence on a recent discriminatory attitude took by the criminal towards her hijab. During the struggle, other bystanders were also injured and police fired a shot. The killer, identified only as Alex W., is now subject to the German police forces' investigations.

While some officials insist on not to relate this criminal act to the fact that Mrs. Al-Sherbini is a veiled Muslim woman in the German secular society assuming that it has nothing to do with persecution against Muslims in Germany, others say that this incident shows a sample of open hostility towards foreigners and Muslims in Germany.

It is worth mentioning that this incident came days after the German Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble sought understanding for Germany’s integration policies in a speech he gave at Egypt’s Cairo University, stating that anti-democratic ideas in Muslim communities must be combated.