Friday, June 11, 2010

SHAME on you, israel!

Bravo, Mavi's. You've opened the way for the whole world to seek justice. Not today, but in future. People started to know...

The whole world are talking about what you've done
But you dont 'understand' them
You killed people
As you like
This time, its more than just Palestinians

You're deaf
You're stupid, in this sense
We know, world at the moment can just shout at you
UN can't do anything, we know
Coz US is backing you

Shame on you, israel
And even more, if you're still thinking that you havent done somting wrong, yet

We know that this is just a stupid act (coz u lied to your God), but we wont say that

I'm just waiting for some days, when we can touch you
When the time comes, you might understand what pain is
And you know why this day will certainly come?
Coz of the prays your God heard from us

Just wait, Israel

if you cant see the vid, go to this link: video